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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Facing The Fact That You’ve Been Lied To and Tricked

In The Names of The Almighty El, The Holy Ahezaah, The Almighty Lord of Dominion, The Hidden Reality, The Giver of Faith, The All-Knowing Guide, The Crusher Christ, The True Savior, The Divine Destroyer, The Universal and Infinite Truth, The Holy Righteous, The Source of Wrath, We Recite. Wednesday, May 25, 2011 Blog # 68 Oh ruling bodies of people and slaves of these United States of America, lo and behold your worlds of materiality and human life that is clearly being turned upside down by Us in the Force of Our Powers in what We Command of Nature Universally. You have proclaimed yourselves as being the most invincible ones of all nations of people for hundreds of years, and you have your citizens of peers and slaves under you believing that you can defeat what it is of El that you call God, in ignorance of This Hour of The Great and Dreadful Day of Revelation that We Promised was Coming to you all of Earth Eden With The Christ of El in Its’ Vengeance! You have used The Lord’s Most Powerful and Beautiful Names of Love, Mercy, Compassion, and Its’ Awesomeness in vain, displaying no fear for The Terror of El in The Wrath of The Christ Shiva, although you remember the history of mankind pertaining to Us Destroying Nations in many generations of people, about which, in your arrogance you do not believe that Our Effects in this can come to you. Well, again We Say lo and behold, Hell is overrunning your worlds! You are the results of the seeding of your forefathers from whom you are ever disconnecting yourselves in regards to what they have done of evil and what they experienced of The Hell of El in this aspect of Life and The Hell of El in the aspects of the Life hereafter. As you go about in the effects of practicing the deceit of overlooking your own personal selves, regarding what you do, and what has been done to others by you and your forefathers among the ruling classes of the United States of American citizens, We are here to undo you and your vile ways of being, the same as We are here to undo your equals of evil and power throughout the world of Earth Eden. You are aware that the lowly victims of yours, no matter how great their numbers are, cannot undo you and what you do under the support of the devil Satan who is Given what is needed from Us by which to try you. In this awareness of yours, We add knowledge to the fact that We are here in Our Lord’s Favor for those that choose to be of Us under the Divine Laws and Orders of The New Holy Covenant of El which is Given unto the Messenger in Its’ New Holy Name of Ahezaah. Think about this in regards to you connecting yourselves as a profession of you being of and believing in The Holy Christ and Its’ Past Servant Jesus. You are a nation that is basically ruled by those proclaiming to be of Jesus and true Christians; A huge nation that is educated by Christians, guided by Christians, preached to by Christians, prayed for by Christians, given designs of the holy communions you practice under the guidelines of Christians, entering baptism under the religious hands of Christians, and a nation of people that are mostly slaved and bowed down philosophically in your obedience to the religious and political leaders of your brands of Christianity and Catholicism; a nation of believers that have been lied to and tricked by leading Christians and Catholics who proclaim being holy and beloved of The Christ That Is Crushing them, you, and your worlds of things with you in them, the same as It Is Doing unto all the nations of all the religious and political people who have strayed from The Truth of El-Aah. Thousands of tornadoes are now chasing you down in The Winds of Divine Destruction as Prophesied by The Almighty Lord through the Book of Revelation. Despite the fact of this happening the clergy and the bogeymen who have lied to you and tricked you off the Path of The Straight Way to El-Aah to keep you from entering Its’ Opening of The Reality of Life in True Understanding and Knowledge by experiences for you, refuse to say a word about The Christ and Its’ Crushing Affects that is now being brought down to Earth from Heaven. It is a Sign for you who believe The Christ has come to Save you by how The Divine Destruction through Nature is leveled on these United States of America and the rest of the world of Earth Eden in The New Name of The Almighty Lord of Power, This Day of Revelation. In The Name of Ahezaah, The Holy Hidden Christ of El Is Manifesting outwardly through Us in Our Holy Powerful Divine Signs of Destruction in which We Produce Hell in the Fury of Nature. As your world is being exploded, imploded, flooded, burned down, crushed, and naturally wiped out through Natural Catastrophes, there are no enemies among mankind for you or your bogeymen and djinn to point your evil fingers at to blame and to make war against to claim and take by force what you would consider as being justifiable booty to recover your material losses in this land if you were at war with them. There are no grounds for you to justify you committing your agents of war to the evil practice which your nation of bogeymen and your armies of the clergy, secret agents of the national security agencies that are known under their alphabetized references, and your militias which you have been involved with since the inception of this nation, when you first sent your sailors and then your clergy to destroy the minds and bodies of the people that were native to the continents of these Americas. This nation of yours has been established on deceit, ever since it was first taken by the vilest means of all means known among humankind. It was built up by the beastliest and most immoral means of brutal physical and mental slavery known to mankind which psychological effects are still most obviously in operation by the children of this nation descending the ruling classes to those who are aware of The Balance of human nature Commanded by El underneath the seat of the human soul; and the nurturing of these effects are still under operation by the powerful bogeymen and their scientists among your leading professionals that are occupying professions of people that rule this nation of these United States of America. No matter how much time is involved with you in your wrongdoing or your doing of good deeds, The Judgment of El is ever upon you and your lineage. Concerning what you do in the affects of your time and the after affects of what you have done, whereas your descendants and others are affected by them, The Judgments of El Are Most Fair and Just. The Lord Says, in Fairness to you From Itself, that It will Punish you and your offspring for your evil deeds, and It will Equally Bless you and your offspring for the good that you do. It Reminds you of this through Us and Its’ Divine Messengers among mankind in what It Leaves on The Divine Pages of Its’ Holy Books as Leaves From The Tree of Life Containing The Divine Covenants; and Ahezaah Amon Raa El-Aah Hu, The Righteous Lord of The Christ In Truth does not deceive in any way to get ahead of you, like the political bogeymen and the more powerful djinn that you allow in great masses to lead you in error against Us, nor does It Support the deceit of you and your personal devils living within you for the purpose of you getting ahead of your own selves and others in your acts of immoralities. What you see and experience of the personal and national progress for you through the things of evil that you favor doing is not a Sign of The Righteous Lord El’s Support of you, as much as it is a True Sign of Its’ numbers of Trials that are put upon you for Life. No matter what it is that you do of good or evil in this world, the affects of those things do not touch The Untouchable El-Aah with any effect of creation. In fact, what you do of good and bad brings the equal affects in rewards of good and bad to you and/or others; and whatever you do, of good and evil, the rewards of Justice in Judgment of you and/or others in This Life are Given down to you all through the avenues of your souls and in the things of your life outside of you in the divisions of the times for their moments. It is when you pass on into the life hereafter and be brought together with The Holy Verdict that is Prepared for you by The All-Knowing Lord of The Throne that you will be Fully Paid your Rewards in Judgment for all of your acts of every kind upon this realm of Life. It is then that it will Be Made Known to you that not even one bit in the least of a microscopic scale of weight concerning your acts upon this world of Life will be missed in Judgment. The All-Knowing El Will Judge you all in The Form of The Lord of Power in Its’ New Holy Name of Ahezaah, The Holy Powerful Amen, The Holy Infinite Living Mind of Absolute Power That Owns All in All of you. At That Time of Judgment you will find, in certainty, that no matter which way you turn, in any direction in all the realms of Life and Death, there will be no help in the least for you against The Almighty El. Therefore, before your passing from this aspect of Life in these Lower Realms of Illusions, you should admit to yourselves, by what you see of the Divine Prophecies coming to Life against you and your public and personal worlds that you must have been lied to. If what your leaders of religion and politics among the bogeymen and djinn have told you about you and your Nation being Favored, Loved, and Chosen to be Saved by The Christ That Jesus Knew for Being in The Divine Three-Fold Relationship With It and the Archangel Spirit of Power, and that Jesus, whom they misidentify as Being The Christ, and The Christ, Whom they refuse to acknowledge as Being One and The Same Thing of Allaah, Hu, Amen, Raa, Aten, Brahman, Ahura-Mazda, and Ahad Alone, was coming to Save you, then something is awry. What you are looking at in the Natural destructions of your world are The Signs of The Holy Christ Being True to Its’ Words about Destroying Its’ enemies among mankind, and that must be you and all others of the world that are being Destroyed by Us in Wrath Under The Holy Commands of The Christ. You and All of Reality That Operates from Its’ Hidden Existence upon Earth Eden belongs to The Holy El-Aah. El has Sent Its’ Divine Messengers to every corner of Earth Eden either physically or by word of mouth through others, asking you to surrender willfully unto It for the betterment of your personal being, the being of all humankind, and for the things of Earth Eden aside from mankind; nevertheless, mankind has relentlessly refused Us; therefore, The Time has Come for The Christ to Take Back on a Grand Scale All from The Reality of Itself That Belongs to It in the things of Earth Eden and mankind. This Is The Hour of The Day of Recompense, and The Day of Collection from Our Almighty Lord. It is filled with the evidence of This Being The Hour of The Day of Judgment for what you see of The Unseen Christ Crushing you and your worlds for the lies and tricks that you have lived under in support of what you are told to be and to believe, against The Holy Lord Most High and Us, by the enemies of Man that lead you. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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