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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Finding Ahezaah El Amon Raa Ptah, The Christ

In The Names of El’s Almighty Beings, The Holy Ahezaah, The Lord of Dominion, The Hidden Reality, The Truth, The Giver of Faith, The All-Knowing Guide, Christ The Pure of Light, The Source of Wrath, The Divine Destroyer, The True Holy Savior, The Guide of All in All, We Recite.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blog # 72

In the quest of seekers looking to find The Lord Most High, it is necessary for them to first take up the occupation of finding out about The Lord Most High. The occupations of finding out about The Lord Most High is truly acquired by the seekers sincerely committing themselves to finding, recognizing, knowing, respecting, and reacting righteously to the evidence of The Lord Most High’s Spirit of Faith, and then place their trust in this Faith of The Holy Unseen Lord’s Security.

In this occupation of discovering The Lord Most High, it is necessary that the seekers uncover themselves from their own ignorance, fear, and disbelief in what they sense either subtly or gross about The Hidden Being of The All in All of Creation that is actually shown everywhere by The Life Signs of Its’ Acts in and upon creation including in and aside from them in what is felt of The Hidden Reality of their mind which they hear speaking to them as their own selves in the collective of the individuality of their selves.

It is for them to discover as much as possible and most reasonable to be known about The Lord Most High Who will allow the sincere, humbled, truthful, obedient, fearful and loving servants among those who are filled with humility before The Truth of Its’ Hidden Existence to recognize, respect and stand safely under Its’ Power in obedience. Although it will be a task, it will not be one that is too difficult for the true believers with faith among the seekers to bear, in seeking The Lord Most High out from the coverings of Its’ Illusions.

Verily, The Lord Has The Power to Unveil Itself in Ways for Its’ servants to highly sense that there is something about It That Permeates and Encompasses everything about them and all of Life. From this Unveiling of The Lord, the seekers should compile their own intelligence including what they find of intelligence from other people’s research about The All of Reality, which must specifically be a venture of gathering The Truth for reasons alone to please The Owner of Reality.

The search for each seeker should be about finding out how to Be Truly Aware and Made Safe in The True Knowledge of The Infinitely Eternal Universal Mind That Manifests through Nature in Natural Experiences. They must learn and Be of The Lord Wise in Its’ Existence of The True Holy Realization of Its’ Unseen but Felt Power in Being The Lord Most High Who manifests through Nature’s illusions that are Naturally and Continuously Created by It; and they must understand how to be Maintained Naturally in The Peace of The Spiritual Realm of These Holy Mentalities of The Realities of The Lord Most High by realizing them as being Mental Worlds Created of The Thoughts of The Infinite Living Mind of The Almighty Eternal Creator Who Befriends the true, sincere, and most obedient seekers with Its’ Love for them.

Finding this out can be as easy or as difficult as it is for the seekers of The Lord Most High to acquire the True Spirit of True Love in their hearts and minds for The Lord Most High, in as much that the seekers are willing to surrender in Faith to The Lord Most High and completely give up their hearts and minds in humility against all forces of evil that exist inside and outside of them. The Rewards of this is to be of The Balance of Truth with their Souls which are in The Hands of The Unseen Master of Truth. In this way they may find that their Souls are Secreted in The Holy Essence of The Lord Most High’s True Love in The Highest Aspect of the seekers being; and they may find that This Highest Aspect of their being is in The Highest Relationship with The Lord Most High Secreted in The Highest Mystery of The Holy Being in The Pure Darkness of Osiris where The Lord Prevents even Its’ Light of Raa from entering.

Verily, The Highest Aspect of your being With The Creator is in a Place Most High and Most Black of Darkness, which is Fixed in The Divine Possession of The Holy Creator from where It is Manifesting to all the souls of all things of creation as Being The Master of All Its’ Names and Attributes of Pure Power and Mastery Over all of creation. What is found, understood, and Made to be trusted by the seekers, in This Place of The Divine Possession of The Lord Most High, are that The Powers of True Love and True Belief are Engaged in Being Intermingled with The True Holy Spirit in Essence of The Most Holy Being of What Alone Is Real of Its’ Infinite Living Mind in Unseen Matters of The True Faith in Essence of The Holy Faithful Lord Most High Itself Who Is Much Higher and Infinitely Greater than Its’ Names and Its’ Units of Pure Powerful Existences like that of Osiris, Amon, Raa, Brahman, Allaah, Ptah, Hu, Ahezaah, The All, and All of Its’ Other Names.

It should be noted by the seekers that The True Belief of The True Believer is a Power of The Lord Most High like Faith that is Given Life and Perpetuation in The Spiritual Essence of Truth, by The Lord Most High, In Which It Is Materialized in The Unseen Essence of The True Faith of The Truly Faithful Which is Loaned to the Chosen Ones among the seekers of The Lord Most High as a Gift in El’s Power for Life.

The Lord Most High Is The Real True Believer That Is The True Faithful One and The Power in Essence of All throughout the Eternal Universes.

It is The All in Being All in All of these Powers of Life that It Attributes to the creations in All of Itself, in All of Its’ kinds of every creation.

It is The Infinite Living Mind That Exists as The All, with All of Its’ Self Being The Personal and The Impersonal Self of The Creator and the Creations That exist in Essence of The Mental Matter of The Lord Most High, The Source of All in creation.

It is A Holy Complete and Perfect Self of Infinite Mind That Is Shown as Innumerable Bodies of Life In Its’ Powers That Are Individualized as Collective Units of Its’ One and Alone Holy Being of Innumerable Attributes (Powers Attributed to Creation).

It is The Real Self That Is True of All selves in All the things of Life, Being The Same One True of All That Commands for Itself to be Preserved in the recognition and remembrance of Its’ creatures under The First Law of Its’ Natural Order of Being.

It is to Be Known as Being, Truly Alone, The One and Only Real Being among All the many other beings of illusions that are created for The Life of Its’ Existence in Being as All in All of the innumerable worlds of All things that It Creates and for which It Demands to be worshipped through Its’ subjects of Life’s by their praising of It for Being The One Truly Essential Thing That Must Exist in Mercy for All of Its’ other things of creation to exist.

For this Reality of Its’ Being, of It Being All Alone, The One Real Thing of All in Life, It, Alone, is The Essential Reality of everything That is Due All’s Praise, and It, Alone, is to be recognized as Being The True Causer and The Real Affecter in All of the effects of what is Affected by It in Being The All and Really All That Is throughout the many Universes of Its’ Eternal Creation.

As a seeker, it is imperative that you treat The Lord Most High and your search for It in this manner; acting as though you realize that It is before you, and being as though you are certain of This Fact of The Holy Reality In Which you are immersed in Its’ Infinite Essence of Mind, because This Is your Goal; to Be of The Unseen Infinite Being, Holy of Mind With It in a Way that you are Unitized, as Being One that is Realized Of It and yourself as being a human part of It in created form, and One With It, Inside of your realization about Its’ Holy Real Being, knowing that It Is The Impossible Thing for you to be without.

The task of finding The Lord Most High is in understanding that It is immediately All that is before you, All that is around you, All in Which you are immersed, and All of you through and through of The Holy Thing Which Permeates you and All of Its’ other things Universally, in Its’ Unseen Essence. Verily, It is to Be perceived like the air you breath, thought of like the waters of the oceans and seas that engulf the marine life creatures, and believed to Be like the ethers of the outer spaces of the Galactic Universes that overspread all within the Eternal Creation. It Is Ever Unseen Being in Its’ Immaculate, Ubiquitous, and Multifarious Presence, Operating in Absolute Power, Being The Reality of every single thing including the seekers of It, and Being The Holy Knower of All Which is Experiencing as All in the things of Life Under The Powers of The Truth That Is To Be Recognized As It Being All in All things.

Although it might be most difficult for the seekers of The Lord Most High to Realize in The Certainty of The True Faith Belonging to The Faithful Lord Most High that these things of The Reality We Relate to you about The Lord Most High are True and Holy, they are to be tested by the seekers of The Lord Most High, as Required under the Commandments of The Lord Most High, in the trials of Life for Its’ servants.

In testing these Truths, the seekers must work through what limits them by their imagination about The Holy All of Life Itself. They must break through the erroneous belief that the illusions The Holy All of creation in what is seen of All in the Life of this world are the most real things; coming to reside in The Essence of The Truth that the illusions of The All of Creation is not the realist, but are less than What is The Absolute Real Thing of The All That Is Beyond creation Creating in All Its’ Forms of Illusive Being; And they must accept that All Which is Hidden Behind what is seen of Its’ Illusive Realms of Being is True of The Truth in The Eternal Creation of The All in All of things which are of The Infinite Living and All-Powerful Mind of The Unseen Creator Who Masters these worldly illusions as Mentalities in All of Itself. Verily, It Masters All in It Being The All That Is Alone The Holy Real Thing of Its’ Holy Supreme Being That Is Formed by Its’ Independent Power, and Clothed by Its’ Gatherings of the Angelic Thrones and the Seraphim among The Super-Most Supreme Archangels that It Uses to Address Its’ Immaculate Form of Its’ Holy Supreme Being That Is Seated Upon The Thrones of Dominion as The Lord Most High of All in All. It Is In This Holy Supreme Form of Being That It Exists Seen In Its’ Forms of Us among the Angels Addressing It, and Also Unseen by Us among the Angels whenever It Separates Itself In Its’ Independent Truth, Showing Its’ Mastery Over Itself Being The Supreme Being of The Throne Mastering All In Reality of All worlds of All things including Us of Its’ Angelic Powers.

As a seeker of The Lord Most High, the aspirant will fail in his or her search if they stay low in thoughts and efforts in an act to not break free of the inertia that comes as a result of people’s fear of the unknown experiences that are before them in wait upon The Holy True Path of The Holy True Way to The Holy True Opening of The Holy True Reality of Infinite and Eternally Universal Experiences in The Spirit Realms of The Lord Most High. They must take steps in definite actions towards The Good of El in both worlds and leave nothing to chance in belief that Ahezaah is going to overlook and accept their failure to come unto It in The Way that It Calls all mankind through Us and Its’ Human Messengers. They should never entertain the false belief that they can act as though they want Ahezaah, but seek to deceive The Holy All-Seeing, All-Hearing, All-Feeling, All-Sensing, All-Knowing, and All-Aware Lord Most High.

It is by the devil within that mankind forgets and tries Ahezaah in belief that It is not Aware and Knowing exactly what is hidden in the minds and other bodies of being in every single thing. They must trust The One Path and The One Way of The One Most Holy Lord That Is Ever The Most High and The True of All in All things, in Life and Death.

At The End of The Path in The Way of The Truth, the seekers will find that It Is Ahezaah Alone, The One Lord Most High Which Is The Only One That Can Find Its’ Self for Its’ seekers By Its’ Light of Raa in Its’ Darkness of Osiris Where It is Hidden in Its’ Infinite Power. It is The One That Opens Itself Up to Realization in The Christ Light of Truth for the servants of creation including mankind by whom It Wills in Its’ Desires to Be Found.

Finally, what the seeker discovers at an End before becoming Crystallized in True Spirituality is not the finding of The Lord Most High; but it is finding their personal Realization of The Lord Most High Whom is Truly Never Lost to be found, and an Uncovering for them from Secrets about Itself, Showing them Signs of It Being The Awesome Unimaginable Being That It Is, The One Which Becomes their Holy Discoverer for The Lord’s Holy Uncovering for them about which people mistakenly label a finding of The Lord for mankind.

Nevertheless, before they come to An End of The Path of the Beginning for The Opening of The Eternal Gate of Reality, they will realize that Lucifer the devil and its unseen dupes of fallen angels who are poise to stop them and make them fail in their quest of finding The Lord Most High at every juncture upon the Path of Truth are only as real seemingly as The Lord Makes them appear to be. They will have to realize and act accordingly to the fact of Life that Lucifer and the fallen angels among its troops are not the ones for them to fear because they are not the ones that are in Charge of The Powers in which they live and act. They have no mastery over Ahezaah’s Real Power nor have they The Power to Create any Real Affect of their own upon mankind, as it is only made to appear to be this way as a trial of Life for mankind. Aside from the devils’ ability to trick the minds of the mass multitudes of mankind through their illusions and seductions of evil, they have nothing but what it is of your belief about them coming from you to them as an empowerment in a force from you, working in their favor to overcome you.

Set the devil Satan is the opposite of The All of Life That Is The Originator of everything Who Has Everything in Its’ Power. Satan has nothing but reflections of what is believed to be a Real Power Owned by it, the same as mankind but less in Ahezaah’s Favor, because The Lord of Sovereignty Stripped the devil and all its troops of evil demons of their Angelic Powers and Its’ Favors for them.

What Satan actually has is the illusions of Life that also belong to The Lord Most High, and innumerable tales of deception in deceit about Us. It has the talent of causing great numbers in the generations of all humanity on Earth to fail in their worldly trials for believing that the devil and the troops of fallen angels have Real Power to match Our Power of Ahezaah El-Aah Hu Amon Raa The Christ, Whom We Manifest through.

It is unfortunate for mankind that most of them generally have more trust for the political bogeymen and the clergy of religion than they have trust for Us of The Unseen Lord Most High; trusting those among most that serve the fallen angels despite the fact that they continuously lie to mankind through every form of deception they devise about Us. They know that they could never defeat The Ones that expelled them by The Force of El from Heaven and they are aware that they cannot do the least of anything except for what Ahezaah El-Aah Allows to be done by them through Its’ Power. It is Ahezaah, The Lord Most High, The One Whom multitudes profess to love when they should consider fearing and respecting It so that they might come to Know True Love of The Lord Most High, that is Everlasting and Much Greater than what they have of their emotional moments when spirits of hope, wants, and longing for things of The Lord come unto them which they confuse as being Love in their hearts.

The One for you to fear and honor in respect of The Truth is The Creator and Master of the fallen angels; The One Which Is The Lord Most High of Pure Power and The Holy Authority to do whatever It Wills including what It has done in creating and sustaining Lucifer and its troops of fallen angels; no matter how perplexing this might seem to you who are inexperienced in regards to having Real Spiritually Divine Insight with True Knowledge of The Truth concerning The Lord Most High in It Being Raa, The Master of The Sun that is Lit of The Truth, and Osiris, The Master That Is Hidden in The Purest Mystery of The Darkness in Truth That Keeps The Reality Hidden in Its’ Unadulterated Original Being of Purity.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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