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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The Djinn

In The Name of El Ahezaah, The Beneficent, The Merciful, The Holy Supreme Savior, We Recite. Monday, April 4, 2011 Blog # 36 The sly, the slick, the wicked, and the hidden are the djinn. Some are good, most are bad, and despite the financially sustained appearances of those among mankind who wear their shades of makeup better than a professionally paid actor, regarding the wickedness of their hearts and minds which they have built their earthly foundations of life upon, most of them are the meanest and the ugliest people in the world. The outer appearances of the djinn and their worlds are covered with facades they have devised to cover their machinations, and they have mastered the languages of deceit which they use continuously to escape and to manipulate others for the purpose of preserving their ways of life in patriotism to the devil in evil that is made to be seemingly fair to those whom they employ to support them. Throughout their worlds in the communities of mankind, they have developed a mindset in schemes about the game of Life and how to play it, and the sporting games within the circles of the public which they have moved to the top in the people’s belief about their importance to the societies. To the djinn, it truly is not how you play them, nor is it for the commoners to realize that the sporting games are merely distractions for the masses of people over whom they rule; it is that you win them by all means necessary, regardless to the outcome of your opponent, including by the ways of cheating, and especially the psychological games of mind where they seek to take and keep control of the lives of people from their times of birth until their times of dying. When some of the religious scholars speak of the djinn, they speak in terms of the mythical jinni or genies or the djinn of mystical folklore, relating them as being unreal magical spirits in stories: in Arabian folklore, a magical spirit that has supernatural powers and will obey the commands of the person who summons it. Islamic magic spirit: in Islamic folklore, a spirit that can take on various human and animal forms and makes mischievous use of its supernatural powers. (Taken from: Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.). What people fear or cannot understand about things that they sense as being real, concerning the powers that are held under the control of mankind that influence their lives, they are easily swayed by deceit artist among the powerful men and djinn that they fear, regarding those things. Some of the people that fear the thought of this Messenger of El Ahezaah Being Real of The Lord Most High, and have publicly denounce him as being delusional, will stand up in their belief and fight about the lies of Prophet Muhaamid being The Last Messenger Prophet of Allaah; and they will support the myth of the mystical djinn of folklore more than they will support The Truth about the human figures of the djinn that are spoken of in the Writings of the Holy Qur’aan, staying with their strength in positions of being of non-action concerning the human factor of the djinn greater than what they do concerning the mythical beings about which they will deduce information from various sources to fill up the conversations they have with others like them that believe they are true bearers of heavy weights of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. In benefit to each other, in their conversations, they will praise and congratulate each other for saying what they agree upon as being correct in their assessment and the assessments of others they congregate with and respect, despite the fact that all their words and understanding put together as their knowledge may never equal up to a bit of True Wisdom (Divine Guidance); but as long as they sound right by what they are taught to say, and as long as they stay with what is then made to be currently fashionable in thinking by their clans, despite what they truly understand or do not understand about what they deduce from others, they delude themselves with self-indulgence and praise, feeling good in their states of blindness, and believing that they are the right ones to be believed because they all agree with the lot of each other. For this reason, many good people have been slaughtered by gangs of clansmen in all ages of time, especially the mystics of magic in religion who have more insight than the lesser people of the physical worldly realization who have gotten together and judged them as to not being worthy of Life in this physical world, and thus for their misunderstanding of them, they have often executed what has been their wrongful judgments upon them. Verily, this evil has been done many times through the history of mankind due to the orders of the djinn that hide behind the cloaks of their abilities to do so because of their psychological positioning in holding power over the people. Surely, it is true that there are djinn of the spirit realms that have the abilities to transform themselves into different appearances, but this ability is a common thing among the spiritual beings of Life in the higher realms of being. It is of the djinn’s evil in which they use those abilities to turn mankind away in fear from The Reality of The Lord El-Aah whenever they find a mind of man’s kind in the spiritual realm in search of The Truth of The Supreme Being That they can latch onto for Life, in Peace, Guidance, Security, Knowledge, and Understanding for them to submit under to Ahezaah El-Aah At-Taa-Haa. The djinn among the powerful men that hide the identities of the demon beasts within them imitate the acts of the spiritual djinn, by the hiding and the transforming of their true appearances. Their smiles are as masterfully used as their words, and their words are as evil as their intent to hold down the True Growth of humanity; keeping mankind locked down under their incarceration, and bound by the evil laws and orders and the force they use to uphold ways of Life devised around their constitutions. It was a fact that the Messenger Prophets and Kings David and Solomon commanded many legions of djinn; but, they were not djinn of the mystical realm, they were djinn among the powerful men that were not readily seen or heard giving commands in their orders for the masses of people whom they owned as common slaves to them and their wishes, the same as it is for the djinn among the rich and powerful who sit not in the public seats of the politicians, but make the politicians and the nation move by their orders. Our Lord, Who is Ahezaah Amen At-Taa-Haa, The Perfect Guide, says for the believers to be mindful of It Being The One True Judge and Owner of everything of Life in all worlds. It says for you who believe to rely upon It as your Guide and Protector, and to not sue for Its’ Peace because It Is The One In Charge of Its’ Power of Peace and Security; and for believers of The Faithful, It Is The One That Will Make and Break people, places, and other things to Bring Justice and Satisfaction to those whom It Loves. Rely not upon the djinn and their unfair imbalanced systems of judgment which they have instituted to incarcerate and institutionalize the masses, although you might be forced by them to partake of many trials in Life by the dark forces of their systems. In you being placed under duress in being brought under submission to them, submit not truly as you might appear to submit, but stay focused in your heart and mind and trust your remembrance of Ahezaah Amen At-Taa-Haa El-Eeyaah The Christ Who Will eventually Visit with Us in Its’ Wrath upon them. There is no comparison of people in evil with those of the djinn. Our Lord has Warned the believers to beware of killing a man, woman, or child, because to kill one, you will be killing the possibility of an entire nation of people from ever being. Despite the Wisdom of Our Lord being Spoken and Written in Divinity, the djinn practice killing nations of people in grand lots of them at a time, in every kind of way possible to them, with them purposely manifesting their disdain for Ahezaah El Amen Allaah The Christ which they hide in the master schemes of their deceit from the common onlookers; and their answers to the problematic questions of the multitudes of onlookers who at times make themselves heard among their own nation of people is to seduce them or induct them into being members of their institutions of evil and have them perform the active evils of their wickedness with them, making the onlookers guilty with them, and thus, less vocal because of their guilt. This same vile practice of the djinn against the general public has caused a worldwide revolt in the minds and hearts of people whose conscience, under The Commands of El Ahezaah, will not allow them to rest in El’s Peace with the conflicts they have been taught or coerced into burying in the recesses of their minds to act as though they do not exist. Multitudes of people have been inflicted with the illnesses of mental perversion because of them being of the ways and following the orders of the djinn through what their public leaders promote under the laws of the djinn that does not openly apply to the common citizens. The bad foods that are being served to the public’s minds, spirits, and physical bodies have crippled society at large throughout the world and the ill decline of mankind is most obvious today, more than ever before in modern history. Life for living is hated by great lots in the amounts of people, but most of the people are afraid to give up Life for Death, for fear of The Unknown Reality of Being Whom they disrespect by the ways they live in defiance of It, with them wanting to completely believe that It is not Real, but fearing the likelihood of It Being Real because of the whispers they faintly hear of their conscience calling them back to an awareness of their souls which are all with It, staying firmly fixed in Its’ Holy Infinite Company under Its’ Holy Eternal Commands. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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