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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The Puppet Masters

In The Name of The Most Holy Ahezaah, The Holy Hidden Infinite Mind of El-Aah, The Almighty Lord of The Eternal Throne of Dominion Hidden everywhere, The All-Knowing Reality That is Hidden at all times, The Hidden and All-Seeing Eye, The Hidden and Ever-Present All-Hearing Responder, The Holy Creator That Creates Mentalities for All Ways of Life from which It is Hidden, The One Holy Powerful and Ever-Right Christ, The Holy Executing Judge of the worlds, The Holy Pure Being Hidden in The Light of Truth, and The Holy Master of The Pure Eternal Darkness Infinitely Hidden in Mystery, We Recite.

Completed Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blog # 57

Commonly children, among the very young, are very naïve. They are comparable to chalk boards that only manifest an open view of what is written upon their minds about things from other people. Being of innocence, they are subjected to everything of other people’s thoughts including biases that are far beyond the children’s understandings and concerns.

When taken to puppet shows, children often get lost from the truth of what they see in the performances of the puppet masters in their acts of theatrically entertaining through their puppets. To the children, the puppet masters who are so cleverly hidden behind the covers of the puppet’s boxed worlds basically become forgotten and, for this, it is as though the puppet masters of their worlds become non-existent beings behind the boxed worlds of the puppet shows and, thus, the puppets take on lives of their own.

First, the strings of the puppets disappear before the gazing eyes of the children, while the world of the puppets gradually gets larger and more real as the show psychologically grows on them through what they see expanding to become worlds that are as huge as each of the children’s imagination, and as colorful. The features and acts of the puppets become as real to the children as they see and believe them to be; with them relating to the puppets moving, talking, breathing, and appearing as though they are seeing each other and the audience, as the minds and hearts of the children surrenders submissively into the puppets’ world, most times until the end of the show; although often, numbers of the children get locked into the show of the puppet world, staying under the influences of the puppet masters for various lengths of time, even with some for the rest of their lives, as they continue recalling what they have lived, or continue reliving what they recall, of the puppets in the worlds of their shows.

On those days when the puppet masters began taking them on a fantastic journey, and at those times when the shows are announced as being finished, if the shows were effective enough in captivating, entertaining and giving the children particular thoughts they wanted them to dwell on, the employers of the producers, directors, hosts and puppet masters of the shows manifest themselves as being very happy with the event and especially the puppet masters who have directed the children masterfully through the puppets’ world. The puppet masters are thus gratified to know that they did an efficient job for those who had the power of employment over them and hired them to captivate the children’s minds and hearts. What is more, being unbeknownst to the children and some of the adults who are there with the children as guardians, some of the adults in the audience get lost in the illusions of the puppets in what they see, and fall into their own world of imagination away from the truth, under the powers of the puppet masters whose aims are to completely influence the minds of people in their audience. In fact, some of the adults might go so far as to enjoy themselves more than the children, being just as captivated as the children if not more than them, and thus recalling the days of their youth when they saw what they believed imaginatively about their first puppet show, which evidently made a great and lasting impression upon them in their hearts and minds.

In your worlds of the Illusive Reality that manifests in essence of illusions that are formed in the matters of Earth’s elements, in the worlds where your minds and hearts are the subjects sitting before the stages of Life, watching what the puppet masters are doing in their city, state, national, and international theatrics in the acts of the most powerful bogeymen among the politicians and their subordinates of all kinds and ranks of people throughout this boxed world of the djinn, the hidden puppet masters among the vilest of mankind that hide behind the covers of their boxed worlds of mind from where they entertain the entire world among the common and elite people, it is you among the masses of this democracy and all other kinds of governments that are made to be the targets of the puppet masters that aim to place you in the cells of their imprisonment, to hold you for mental and immoral slavery under the authority of the djinn.

In these United States of America, the bogeymen among the politicians make certain that it is clearly known that this boxed world of which they have created for you to live is really their prison, owned, operated, and formed as an entertaining Play House that is constructed of their deceit by which they are the producers, the directors and the hosts of the shows; and no matter what happens, by all means and intents of purpose, they are employed by the djinn to be puppet masters that empowers their militias and judicial attendants to keep to the orders that were designed for the bogeymen politicians and others that are akin to them under what the djinn prefer having as the worlds of nations governed by them.

As far as justice and freedom goes for the common citizens in these United States of America and other powerful nations in their governments, it is more than evenhandedness that is most commonly displayed by the powerful bogeymen and djinn for those that are accepted as their equals, and there is equally if not greater underhandedness for those that are considered to be less than them; and in this nation, freedom is said to be equally for everyone, with each citizen going as far as they can by the limits that are allowed to them by the bars on their prison cells and by what is given as favors extended by the people who are allowed to exercise the power they are given under the orders of the djinn to extend the limits of their prison cells. In other words, none of them are free! Nevertheless, citizens among the commoners and the bourgeoisies are generally incarcerated by mind, heart, and financial limitations which are mathematically calculated by the djinn who insure that locks, of their lifestyles, are fastened most securely to the people, to keep them from escaping the deceit of this democratic system of government.

It is obvious that the puppet masters among the bogeymen and djinn are too great for the commoners, the bourgeoisies and the elite among the people to overcome, despite what they all recognize of the deceit that they are firmly locked down under in this underhanded system of government. The bogeymen among the politicians and the djinn formulate and guide the personal worlds of the citizens in general to make them appear as though they have a real need for what they craft as the rulers of their lives. And they make it so that they can easily plunder the world of the people at any time, in any way that they desire; and, for this way of thinking, they have devised a wicked system of fear which they use to place in the citizens for people that are not common to them in things like their pay wages, their race, their religion, their basic skin color, their creed, their political parties, their common interests, and their ideas about how this nation should be operated, at present and in the future, and that system which is grounded upon the people’s fear is the most suspicious and most questionable system about which the common citizens and the bourgeoisies continually ask questions but will never get a true answer, for that of which they call the business of National Security. It is under this system that compartmental orders are applied in the system of National Security whereas it is easier for the djinn to commit the service workers under their power to unknown levels of wickedness that is unopposed by them for them not having the truth in full knowledge and understanding about what they are committed to do by their leaders. They are placed “on a need to know basis” regarding what is revealed to them about their patriotic service. Therefore, under National Security Systems the patriots of nations often do what they would never do had they been provided with information that clearly pointed out what they were doing in the names of their nation beforehand.

For those of you who are blessed with insight to reasoning and understanding, it should be easy for you to see why or how another nation of people could have so much hatred for you and your nation and see none of you as being innocent; simply for what is done in your name, on a need to know basis, in your approval of things that are outside of your knowledge, under this system of wickedness that you have allowed yourselves to be of under the influence and acts of the djinn; most of whom you don’t even know, and all of whom care little, if anything, about you!

Under the guise of the National Security program in this nation, the djinn operate under the responses of the people’s panicking, which they cause by forcing the people to believe that whatever it is they do in the people’s name, which is these United States of America, is justifiable for the national security that they provide; yet, it is unfortunate that for many years, the bogeymen among the people’s government, those beyond the powers of the president and their subordinates among the militias and all others, have operated way below the Standards of The Divine Covenant of The Christ Which has Come Down to Earth Unseen in The Holy Powerful Presence, of this meek, humble, and loving servant, to Deliver Its’ Messages of Divine Retribution to the people of guilt in the worlds of mankind. All including the powerful bogeymen among the politicians and the more powerful djinn among those that run the politicians and the nations through the politicians, to keep the orders they agree upon and enforce through the bogeymen intact by never allowing anyone who join them in their wicked governmental institutions of the anti-Christ to change those orders, no matter what they thought or believed before and after joining them, they all will be Served Vengeance from The Lord of Wrath. The Christ Siva! Therefore, when it comes to change in getting away from them for the Better in The Good of Ahezaah El Hu Amen you, who are victimized by the djinn, their bogeymen and their sons and daughters, need what The Almighty Lord of The Throne is Providing through Us, and you need what is to come of Safety against Ahezaah El-Aah Hu Amen Shiva’s Retribution through The Christ El Shiva of Its’ Being Which has come down to Be in Its’ Compassionate Relationship with This Messenger who reminds you all about The Divine Wrath of El that is being shown in the Natural Catastrophes of Our Acts throughout the world in Us being against all the enemies who reject The Truth of El-Aah including the men and djinn that are too powerful for any common group of people to force to do right; a right in righteousness that they will never agree to be of, even if they were to die and be put in the fires of Hell with an option to be released if they agreed to be right of The Righteous Ahezaah El-Aah after being brought back to Earth Eden!

Verily, you of most people, in general, cannot see yourselves as being puppets that are led in hordes by your puppet masters and made to act in certain ways by them of the djinn and their political bogeymen. Your egos will not allow most of you to humble down to The Truth of The Unseen Reality That Is Real and Truly Powerful but Mercifully Patient for which you take It for granted and refuse to see or listen to. Instead, most of you prefer to toil in service to please the more knowledgeable djinn that are more aware and knowing than you about your true detriment in going against Us of The Unseen of El-Aah and This Divine Messenger of Ahezaah. They are altogether less than one urban municipality of the multitudes throughout the world’s nations; however, they are more powerful and greater in being less because they hold allegiance to each other in cooperating with each other in their secret organizations against the society at large. And one of their greatest aims which they use as a weapon against you of the general society is this: They make certain that every true friend of the public in general, those who represent The Truth of The Holy Supreme Being of El and Its’ Orders of The Divine Agreement for the betterment of humanity at large are portrayed and looked upon as being corrupted enemies of the public and serious threats to the societies at large. It is a common practice of the real enemies of Man and mankind, and one that is psychologically accepted and believed by the people that are groomed from their time of youth to accept being locked down in their hearts and minds in diabolical hordes by the diabolical servants of the devil Satan, the puppets of their puppet masters that are hidden behind the cloak of deception in their evilly boxed in worlds of being. And be it that the patriotic people in general cannot see themselves as being the audience of evil slaves owned by the most wicked puppet masters, and be it that they cannot relate to the powerful bogeymen as being manipulating puppets of the hidden puppet masters that are the djinn whom the people usually do not believe exist, they fight to the death against each other, against their own selves, and against things that could be useful for their well-being, merely because of them not truly knowing themselves, and for not recognizing the Signs of The Truth that are Sent down from Heaven to be as Signs of Saving Grace and Mercy for them and all others of the worlds of mankind.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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